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Bible Daily Verses & Devotions


DAILY BIBLE VERSES & DEVOTIONSReceive daily Bible verse of the day and devotions to your phone or tablet. Each day brings a new inspirational and uplifting verse from the Bible. Includes widget.MANY BIBLE VERSIONSSelect from one of many Christian Bible versions in English: NIV New International Version, ESV English Standard Version, King James Version KJV, The Voice, Amplified Bible, American Standard Version ASV, NETBible (New English Translation), Young’s Literal Translation YLT, Douay-Rheims, American King James Version, Norsk Norwegian, World English Bible WEB, NASB New American Standard Bible, NLT New Living Translation, Easy Read Version ERV, The Message, HCSB Holman Christian Standard Bible. And more!
Bible passages also in Spanish, Korean, German (Luther, Schlachter), French, Italian, Portuguese, Latin, Russian, Tagalog, Croatian, Greek, Arabic, Romanian, Español, 한국어, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Português, Swedish, Tagalog and English.
SHARE A VERSEShare Bible verses and devotions to Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, text (SMS), Twitter, email, the clipboard, etc. Include your own comment along with the verse, and include your background picture if you like!
LISTEN TO AUDIOListen to the Bible from one of several recordings. (Requires a network connection)
RECENT VERSESSee the history list of verses you have read, so that may review them at any time.
SEARCH FOR ANY VERSEChoose any book, chapter, and verse in any translation to read any Bible verse right now. Use the search button to find any verse from the Bible. Quiz yourself and test your Bible knowledge.
DEVOTIONSEnhance your understanding of today's verse with a daily devotional.
VIDEOSWatch a daily Bible video on YouTube related to today's daily Bible verse of the day.
MORE THAN ONE NEW VERSE A DAYReceive a new verse more than once a day (go to Settings to select the interval).
FAVORITESSave your favorite verses for later. Automatically backed up to SD card.
CUSTOMIZE YOUR SCREENSet the text color and size, and background color, or set one of your gallery pictures as your background. Even crop one of your photos to give your verses the perfect wallpaper!
READ A RANDOM VERSEChoose to read a random verse from the Bible. Select from topics including:★ God, Jesus, Holy Spirit★ Hope and Faith★ Compassion★ Charity and Money★ Children and Family★ Forgiveness and Repentance★ Love and Relationships★ Sin, Temptation, and Backsliding★ Overcoming Hatred and Anger★ Christian Singles★ Psalms★ Proverbs★ Epistles of Paul★ Prosperity★ Grace★ Revelation★ Grief
ONGOING NOTIFICATIONKeep today's verse in your notification panel.
WIDGETAdd the widget to your home screen to receive an inspirational verse while you are using your phone or tablet.
SET WALLPAPERSet your background picture and verse as your home screen wallpaper.
ALL SCREEN SIZESSupports tablets as well as smaller screens.
SPEAK A VERSEListen to the verse spoken. (Enable this option in the Settings.)
CONTENTSuitable for moms, dads, teens, kids, children, youth, and the whole family.
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God bless.
SUGGESTIONS WELCOME!We want to make this the most inspirational and useful app we can. Please send us your ideas to make it better!
ISSUES?Please email us with the details so that we can take care of it. It is helpful if you tell us what type of device you have (the model name) and what steps led up to your issue. Thank you.
PERMISSIONSInternet: App needs to get today's verse from our serverNetwork state: Checks if your device is connected before trying to get today's verseWake Lock, Boot, Vibrate: verse alarmsStorage, Wallpaper: set wallpaper and share background
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